Message from management
Stars Microelectronics is an electronics manufacturing services (EMS)
On behalf of the management team and employees of the company,

Stars Microelectronics would like to express our appreciation of the confidence and trusts from our customers, employees, business partners, board of directors and shareholders
in our devotion and endeavors amidst the spread of COVID-19 and increasing speed of change in this modern world.

It gives me a great pride to witness the success of our team working hand-in-hand to conquer the challenges of persistent COVID-19 situation, global electronics supplychain and many more to come.

This year, 2021 will also be an important journey as for us, Stars Microelectronics is still rising up and continually adapt our strategies to compete in the global market, 
striving to be successful for many more years to come. We have observed an impressive growth in all of our business segment in Q1 2021 with a very positive outlook ahead. 

With upcoming technological innovation we invested to support the business, our advance in New Product Introduction (NPI) strategy harmonious production and cultivated culture of
goal oriented solution we have reinforced the foundation and the path to support sustainable growth.

I and our employees will continue to develop the company to reach the highest level of competitiveness and
to enhance the confidence of our stakeholders both in the short term and long term. 

Best Regards,

Virat Phugthai