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Job Description

Job Description:

  • Closing monthly account.     
  • Transfer all transactions which have been recorded by staff to produce monthly trial balance.
  • Reconcile each account with supporting details and revise any incorrect items.
  • Reprocess monthly trial balance and general ledger then produces monthly financial statement.
Review monthly tax.
  • Agree VAT form (ภ.พ. 30) with purchase and sales VAT report that are prepared by staff.
  • Approve VAT form and submit to Revenue department.
  • Check withholding tax form (ภ.ง.ด. 3,53) with supporting document and accounting records before issuing payment voucher.

    Contact outside person.       
  • Cooperate with auditor for preparing yearly statutory report.
  • Cooperate with Revenue Department for any tax matters.
  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Accounting.
  • 5-10 years’ up experience in Manufacturing and Accounting management 
  • 1 year’s up experience in Manufacturing Accounting or costing.
  • Have an experience with ERP, SAP Software
  • Good command of excel.
  • Good command of English both written and spoken.
  • Good in: Systematic thinking, Multi-skill, team player, fast learner, positive attitude and etc.

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